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Questions and Answers:

Do I have daily access to the warehouse? 

– Smart Sklad provides you with access to your rental warehouse daily from 6:00 to 22:00

How is access to the warehouses organized?

- Entry to the territory of the self storage takes place through a 6-meter-long portal, which opens automatically with an access card or, for the convenience of our customers, by calling the Smart Sklad portal (after the customer specifies in the contract a phone number with the right of access).

What trucks can enter the territory of Smart Sklad? 

- The territory of the warehouse can be entered by car, bus, minibus and truck up to 8 meters long (Truck with a crane and with 1 container 6 meters can enter easily).

Can I store heavy items/goods in the storage container?

– Up to 28 tons can be stored in the storage container, which is 1.9 tons per square meter. 

Is the storage container dry?

– Sea shipping containers are used for transoceanic transportation of various goods where the moisture level is very high. But thanks to the construction of the shipping containers and the tight closing of the doors with rubber seals, a high degree of hermeticity and dry storage is ensured. In the container, there are 4 ventilation openings protected from the outside, which ensure natural ventilation of the storage space, thus your goods and belongings are stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse.

Do you sell locks and padlocks?

- In order for our customers to be sure that only they have access to their belongings, Smart Sklad does not offer locking devices and padlocks. You can buy a locking device at any hardware store, the closest to Smart Sklad is 500 meters away, on the Ring road in the direction of Lozen.

Can I conclude a contract for more than 1 year? 

– Yes you can, there is no limit to the storage container lease period. When concluding a long-term contract  preferential prices apply, also the contract can be terminated with notice.

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